Latest Truck Parts and Accessories

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New Wheel Trim Kit for Isuzu

Fits some NPR200 Tippers and NPR 45-155 and NPR 55-155




New Stainless Steel Electric Horn





New Flexible Valve Extension
























New Chrome Wheel Simulator Trim Kit



Part No: ISRT-1958-275

For 19.5" x 6.75" 8 stud

Please Note: 275mm PCD

To suit:

Fuso FK or FM

Isuzu FSR or FSD






New Chrome Plastic Axle Cover Sets






FRONT Axle Cover

Chrome Plastic

Screw-On Nutcovers


Part No: ACF28500S


















FRONT Axle Cover

Chrome Plastic

Push-On Nutcovers


Part No: ACF28500P











REAR Axle Cover

Chrome Plastic

PUSH-ON Nutcovers


Part No: ACR28500P














REAR Axle Cover

Chrome Plastic

SCREW-ON Nutcovers


Part No: ACR28500S








New Nutcovers

PNC33CLIP - Chrome Plastic Nutcover with Clips suit 32mm or 33mm lugnut

NCP33U - Screw-On Nutcover 33mm

NCP33P - Push on Chrome Plastic Nutcover 33mm

NCP32 - Chrome Plastic Nutcover Acorn style 32mm

NCP33 - Chrome Plastic Nutcover Acorn style 33mm

NC33SSP - Fits 32mm/33mm for retrofit Alcoa wheels from 2013


August New


Part No: Ring16SS

16 inch Wheel Trim (Stainless Steel not Chrome) to suit most 16 inch wheels (vans, commercials, utes, some 4WD). Similar product available for vintage cars.



Part No: AFKL001SS

Stainless Steel Axle Cover for Kenworth, Mack, Freightliner, Ford, Sterling, Caterpillar and ALL 10 Stud Wheels of USA Origin. This is also available with removable hubcaps (Part No. AFKL001RSS). The great thing is the price is not a lot more than the cost of similar chrome products.




Part No: ISRT-1756DP131

New for Fuso and UD trucks with 17.5" x 6.75" Rim Wheels



Part No: PNC33CLIP

This new nutcover suits all 32mm and 33mm wheel nut (lugnut) including those with wider washers attached.

Plastic Nut CoverPlastic Nut Cover

ISRT-518 (Simulator set suit Mercedes Benz 515, 516, 518, 519 and Dual Wheel Rear Volkswagon (VW) Crafter models.

19.5" Chrome wheel simulator set to suit Isuzu FSR FSD, Mitsubishi FK and Hino FE 500 - Please note 285mm PCD

Isuzu 19" Chrome Wheel Simulator Set RearIsuzu 19" Chrome Wheel Simulator Set Rear 2

Isuzu 19" Chrome Wheel Simulator Set Rear 3Isuzu 19" Chrome Wheel Simulator Set Front


24” Mudflap Weight with Wings

Mudflap weight with wings

18” Steering Wheel Cover Woodgrain - Gloss Finish

Steering Wheel Cover

Big Boy "Top Hat" Axle Cover


This will fit all European and Japanese 10 stud wheels (Steel, Chrome and Aluminium Rims) including retro-fitted wheels.


Part No: 335THUNI and Part No: 335THUNID (for Hub Reduction Drive Axles)





New and Improved (August 2014)

Full Dish 22.5 x 10 Stud Chrome Wheel Simulator Set
This will fit almost all European and Japanese 10 stud steel wheels

The photos below show you the front and rear covers that are in these sets.

For Single Drive -

ISRT225335SD-10 (10 airholes per wheel)

ISRT225335SD-6 (6 airholes per wheel)


For Bogie/Lazy Drive -

IRT225335BD-10 (10 airholes per wheel)

ISRT225335BD-6 (6 airholes per wheel)


Front Wheel Trim

Rear Wheel Trim (Nutcovers are included in the set)

NEW Improved Truck Fans


All New 2 Speed Truck Fans - 12v or 24v with new super strong ball joint for hassle free adjustment.

Available at all Watts Wheels Dealers (Click Here)

Click Here for all Mack and Volvo Dealers

Truck Fan

Part No: FAN12VM

Truck Fan
Truck Fan

Part No: FAN24VM

NEW Axle Cover set 6 Stud Japanese Vehicles

Axle cover



Ask your Hino Dealer for

Part No: A318




Axle cover



Ask your Watts Wheels Dealer for

Part No: AFKL007




Ask your UD Dealer for

Part No. 99999-CS6STUD